Felix H. Wilkinson is an artist led, not for profit, online gallery. Selling unique affordable art directly from emerging and established artists. Paintings, limited edition prints, small sculptural assemblages and painted skateboards. Plus posts from artists and interviews with creatives.

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The Ebbing Curve of Forgetfulness…. Duncan McAfee

‘Ben Oakley Gallery is proud to present ‘The Ebbing Curve of Forgetfulness’. The first solo exhibition to take place in our new building will include more than 20 recent paintings and drawings by South London based artist Duncan McAfee.

Spanning the last seven years of McAfee’s practice the works in this exhibition all share a consistent mix-and-match attitude to image making, splicing together misremembered elements to create his hybrid images. The title for the exhibition comes out of a conversation about the work in relation to Russell Hoban’s 1980 novel, Riddley Walker and the creative act of memory that fills in forgotten gaps. Trying to remember Hermann Ebbinghaus’ ‘forgetting curve’, a late 19thC mathematical formula that depicts how the rate of human memory decays over time, our title ‘The Ebbing Curve of Forgetfulness’ is itself a misquotation, a faulty memory, borrowed and misplaced in perfect parallel with the works on display.’

Ben Oakley Gallery, 9 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich Market, London For more information…

New collages from Shaun Caton. See more…

Remembering Madiba Zin Maisiri

Felix’s Choice

Remembering Mandiba by Zin Maisiri

Contemporary artist Zin Maisiri was born in Zambia but grew up in Zimbabwe, where he lives and works today.  Zin has worked as an art teacher and he spent six years designing clothes. 

Today he works entirely as an artist.  Three years spent in Namibia radically changed his working process. This was time spent building a strong body of work that was slightly more commercial meaning he was able to make a living s an artist. read more…

A selection of our artist’s work


  • Cool World and some thoughts about my paintings
    Cool World Duncan McAfee. Talking about Ralph Bakshi’s animation: I first chanced on Cool World, some time in 2016 and it changed the way I approach painting. Cool World is Ralph Bakshi’s wonderfully flawed 1992 feature about a cartoon dimension that exists in parallel with the real world. The premise of the film is ridiculous,
  • Collage
    Collagist, Nel Burke talks about her influences and the Instagram collage community Art history tells us collage started with Picasso and Braque, and flows through the twentieth century via Surrealism, Schwitters and Dada: these are the established threads through time, the links which connect collagists through to the twenty-first century.  Tearing and cutting, fracturing, displacement
  • London’s Housing Crisis
    London’s Housing Crisis by Felix H. Wilkinson ‘Make me wanna holler’ is a line from Marvin Gaye’s seminal tune Inner City Blues. It’s as relevant today as it was in the late sixties, but for different reasons.  At that time our cities were suffering from decay and urban blight.  Today, issues of affordability and inequality

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