Artist led gallery paintings

Art in general and paintings in particular will help define the personality of your home.  A painting will create a focal point and its also a unifying feature. It will bring out the unique character of a room.   Paintings serve as anchor points for interior design – they also make house a home!
Discover some fine art paintings from exciting contemporary international artists, Pete Burke, Shaun Caton, Ittirawee Chotirawee, Zin Maisiri and Duncan McAfee

The Artists

Pete Burke’s acrylic paintings look at space, arrangement and location. They have pencil line structures that compliment areas of bold painterly brushstrokes. A fan of Velázquez, Pete enjoys the alchemy of painting and the unexpected results.

Shaun Caton’s gouache paintings are energetic and brightly coloured.  He is inspired by his research into primitive and prehistoric art which he uses to create ever more outlandish and bizarre imagery.  Folk art, outsider art and the art of children are also important influences, which can be seen clearly in these gouache paintings

Thai artist, Ittirawee Chotirawee uses the Far East as a basis for his work.  Informed by Japanese culture and his travels in that country he works from photographs using the memories of his travels to take us on a journey.

Jellyhead has designed a series of hand painted skateboards. These beautiful wall hung skateboards are unique, one of a kind pieces of contemporary art. They are made of seven ply Canadian Maple.  Light yet sturdy, they come with fixings so you can easily hang one from your wall. 

Zin Maisiri was born in Zambia but grew up in Zimbabwe, where he lives and works today.  Zin creates his paintings using a mix of acrylic paint, newspaper, pieces of cloth and even his children’s old exercise books.
He is a keen social observer and the everyday occurrences of the people in his neighbourhood feed into his work.  Constantly studying the environment and people that inform his paintings, he says: ‘I look for the words in between the silences’

Duncan McAfee forms his images from mis-remembered clumps of art history and a mix of pop-culture.  Influenced by the work of the painter Francis Bacon and film director Ralph Bakshi. Duncan has been making art for a decade or more, he is also a musician and avid reader – both of these feed into his paintings.

When you buy an original painting from Felix H. Wilkinson you know that you will be receiving an exclusive work of art directly from the artist – and that the artist will directly benefit from all the proceeds. Artist led gallery paintings!
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