Artist led gallery prints

The print has proven to be the most democratic medium in the history of art. Prints, especially in the digital age mean you don’t have to be rich to buy an individual piece of work.
Artists, Shaun Caton, Ittirawee Chotirawee, Duncan McAfee, Nina Mankin and Selwyn Pike produce paintings, drawings and collages. These have been transposed into several exclusive series of prints.
Shaun Caton’s 13 layer screen print, First Flight, uses his cutout paper approach that is a seminal part of his performance pieces. They are original artist’s proofs signed by the man himself and there are only six available.
artist led gallery prints, Shaun Caton Shaun has also produced three one-off monotype prints.

The Artists

Duncan McAfee has produced a series of forty paintings, he calls ‘Exploding Heads’. They are a group of beaten up cartoon characters transposed in a modern pop art style. Created out of a heady mix of art history and pop culture, their bright colours and wacky imagery jumps out and immediately engages the viewer.
Influenced by the work of the painter Francis Bacon and film director Ralph Bakshi Duncan has been making art for a decade or more, he is also a musician and avid reader.

artist led gallery prints, Nina Mankin Working under her pseudonym Ninotchka Draws, Nina has created a series of pastel drawings that explore a set of objects in an empty kitchen. She began by looking through her collection of found objects. Trying to find the residue left from their previous owners. The objects took on a presence of their own, familiarity, otherness, security and absence. These feelings informed her drawings.

Selwyn is a collagist and his brightly coloured painted collages look back to his childhood and how his love of film kept him sane. Cut up film stars share territory with test tubes and aeroplanes and meld into a unifying whole with coverings of ink and paint.

Abstract painter, Ittirawee Chotirawee spent the lockdown months creating a series of digital images. Known for his large abstract paintings about memory and travel, he brought the same ideas to a different medium. Working from his vast array of photographs of Japan and Thailand he has created a body of work that explores the structure of the city, its space and our relationship to it.

All this work is now available as limited edition archive prints from our artist led gallery prints shop.

Shaun Caton monotype prints