Duncan McAfee

Contemporary pop art prints…

‘It starts with the chance encounter of spattered and ink, like spilled wine or blood. The surface is then reworked with various self sabotages and rescues, involving the images in a continual game of chance’.

The resulting characters are part street-drunks, part beaten up cartoon characters. Duncan forms these images from mis-remembered clumps of art history and dollops of pop-culture and the characters wrestle with themselves, contorted and dis-jointed, funny and grotesque.  Uncomfortably torn between figuration and abstraction, they are held at some point between collapse and alignment, they are caught in an uncomfortable point of transition.
Influenced by the work of the painter Francis Bacon and film director Ralph Bakshi Duncan has been making art for a decade or more, he is also a musician and avid reader – both of these feed into his Exploding Heads.

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Duncan McAfee drawings