Shaun Caton

Gouache Paintings

Shaun Caton’s bold and vibrant gouache paintings present arcane narratives that are formed from his interest in primitive, prehistoric, tribal, outsider and folk art. A lifelong collector, Shaun incorporates many of his Thames foreshore finds as subject matter into his quirky paintings, distilling them with a sense of ribald mischief and the uncanny. His use of saturated colour is visually intoxicating and his paintings are layered with many washes of intense colour to achieve this effect. Caton works from his own bizarre inventory of signs, symbols and characters, that crop up frequently in his compositions, forming strange half told tales that jump back and forth in time. Like all of his work, its metamorphic: a gouache painting is a memory of a performance and recycles the same totems and figures made from cardboard that also appear in his paper cut and paste collages. His work is in a state of constant experimentation.

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