Zin Maisiri

Zin Maisiri Zimbabwean artist

Zin Maisiri was born in Zambia but grew up in Zimbabwe, where he lives and works today.  Zin has been influenced by the famous Zimbabwean sculptor Agnes Nyanhongo, who is considered to be one of the country’s most important and collected artists.

Zin prepares his own canvases, under coating with layers of white acrylic paint.  This gives him a more textured background.  A large part of his work is collage –  newspaper, pieces of cloth and even his children’s old exercise books are worked into the paintings.  The text of the newspaper adds another dimension to the work, the content often responding to events in the artist’s environment. 

‘looking from the perspective of my home country no matter what hardships people bear there is always hope ..a brightness in their hearts for a better tomorrow.’

The elephant is a favourite motif of Maisiri’s. For him the great beast represents strength, hope and survival.

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